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The Big Labowski Flat

It was cloudy for most of the day but there were windows of sun here and there. We checked out some flats we never fished before and didn’t find much. When the clouds rolled in again we went to this blue hole I found and tried our luck at bottom fishing in hopes of hooking up with a big grey or mutton snapper that are supposed to lurk in the depths of these holes. After about a half hour of this with no action it was about all I could stand and besides the sun was starting to appear again. I told John I needed a bonefish fix and there was one place which had never let me down and that is The Big Labowski Flat. I named that flat when Jim was here as he kind of reminds me of John Goodman in that movie and that’s where he had some super fishing. Today was no different as I got on the flat there were fish right off the gitgo and we nailed three in about ten minutes.

Had a phone call from Art and the crew back in Montana last night and the report on the Big Hole fishing was very encouraging. Roger fished the Maidenrock area the day before and said he caught up to twenty on streamers. Art said the fishing is getting good, the weather iis warming up and it’s time for me to come home. I hope he isn’t lying to me as I was thinking about staying here another couple weeks. Actually I’m looking forward to getting back home with the crew and my mutts. Art, Roger, Mindy, Jessica and Debbie have been great as far as taking care of things while I have been gone. I wonder what they will say when I tell them I might be here for the entire winter next year????


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