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The best time of year in the Big Hole

The fall has begun to take form in the valley.  Leaves are turning colors, swallows are gone for the winter, and the brown trout are staging up for the last big effort of the season, the spawn.  The weather has been hard to predict, and the wind has been making the presentations.  The fishing has been good most days, especially when the low pressure fronts are moving through.  The bugs have been slow to come off in the morning but have been creating a decent rise close to mid day.  The patterns have been consistent and standard with fish being caught on purple haze (#14, 16), small chubbies (#10, #12), and a large royal wulff (#12, 14).  The nymphing has been producing good fish as well on small copper johns, pink san juan’s , and small pats stones.  The streamers have been my personal favorite and have been getting some great fish.  The good fish are still hunting in the shallows and can be teased into chasing early in the morning and in the evening with unweighted black and yellow buggers.  Other folks have reported that sparkle minnows have been working during the day.  I have been guiding the lower beaver head with some success slamming buggers under the willows.  The upper Beaverhead (above Barretts) still looks awful (green and mossy) and is fishing poorly.

We will be opening up our fall special this week.  $400 for 2 anglers with everything included.  The browns will be in full spawning mode in a week, so break those waders back out and give us a call at GDO to book your fall brown trip with myself and my amazing guides.  Also keep in mind that we are still looking for 6 more folks to come to the Bahamas with Al and I.  Open dates are in the first two weeks of February.

I am also going to be doing a rod purge.  Like many of you, I have just realized this year that I have WAY too much fishing gear.  I will be selling my Sage rods and Scott rods from a few years ago, as I have replaced them with Radians (duh).  Give me a ring if you are looking for a great deal on a 5,6,or 7 weight rod.   Here are a few pics to tide you over from last week.


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