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Tarpon Story And More Pics

More pics will be under the comments on this post. Can’t seem to download them from e-mail attachments.

The following is play by play report from Jim on Andros Island:

Since Monday we have had 4 great days of fishing. The big story is that of TAR————-POOOOOON!!!!!!

Tommy seen a weather break that day and we decided to make a run to the west side. It was sunny and a slight breeze and right off the bat we came upon 3 tarpon. Art was up and  his first cast bopped one on the head and that was the end of that story. About half hour later we come on to 3 heading right for us. At 60 feet Art let fly and 2 ppronted for it and a hoookup. Art was using his blue water 12 wt. with plenty of reel on it and the battle began. It ended with Art and Tommy out of the boat and bringing the fish up on the cay. However, when they first got out of the boat Tommy got hold of the tarpon and as Art was giving him some slack the fish broke loose from Tommy’s grip, the rod touched the sideof the boatand therod shattered. The tarpon made another jump and a run with Art trying tohold him with a broken rod. Pretty  interesting but they got the fish landed after another 10 minutes.

We took a quick break for a sandwich and to relive what had just happened and laughed a bit. It was Jim’s turn next and in about 45 minutes we had 5 tarpon coming right at 11/12 o’clock. Jim made the cast and immediately had one of them hooked. After about 4 leaps Jim forgot to “bow to the king” and the fish spit the fly. By the way, because we  only had one bigf rod and it is broke, Jim is using his 7wt. with the large reel offthe  broken rod thatwe put a 7 wt. line on. Well, after the fish spit the fly, Tommy looks up and the other 4 fish are still sitting motionless where they were when Jim hooked up. Jim makes another  cas tand “bingo” he has one of the 4 on. Out of the boat and after roughly10 jumps the fish is worked into some  shallow water and Tommy goes to work trying to tackle and get hold  of the fish. It was about a 5 minute chase with Tommy  actuallydiving over thelinneasthe fish  was making a long sweeping run and the line coming right back to Tommy’s leg. He came up sputtering “do you still have him”? The Tommy splash  and tarpon splash were about the  same size.Finally  Tommy gets a hand in the fish’s mouth and the second tarpon of the day is caught. But at the expense of a smoked reel. No drag left in it.

About an hour later when Art was up again we came upon 2 more. Both followed it almost to the boat, but no take. The fish moved out ahead of us and we think we may have come on the the same 2 again a mile or so up the shoreline, but ahain they came over, followed the fly, but refused to take it. We poled for another hour or so but apparently we had had our fun. We did not see another tarpon. But 13 wasn’t bad. Great job on Tommy’s part spotting the fish and getting us to them Everybody was very happy!!!!

Just to followup, we went out  to the buoyTuesday and caught 17 dolphin, dorado. in a blood bath with Hank.Never worked so hard for fish in my life. But Hankwas smiling.Big time smilingwith dollar  signs in his eyeballs.

Weds. Art took some nice bones off Labowsky after wespent the morning on Blanket sound with Mort  and Anne. Didn’t see a fish ther except a jack that Mort. caught.

Back to the Big Hole the flow is  pretty steady at 1200 cfs and  vis. just under 2 feet.

By the way the Pipe Man arrived today from Andros Island and is on display  in the shop.


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