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Sundance Lodge burns

On tuesday evening the Sundance Lodge burned to the ground. For those of you who have never been there, this was a fantastic place to go to eat, fish for brookies on La Marche Ck. ride a horse into the Pintlar Wilderness or just to enjoy the serenity of the place. From the dining room windows you could look across the meadow and on to the high peaks of the Pintlars. I have many a fond memory of that place.

The owner and the manager are personal friends of mine and they are totally devastaded.

No one knows what started the fire as Libby who is the manager was in town getting supplies. On her return, as she was turning off Hwy 43 onto Sundance Road, which is still 5 miles from the Lodge, she could see this huge orange glow in the vicinity of the Lodge and she knew some thing was very wrong. By the time the fire trucks arrived, it was completely gone. I feel so sorry for Libby as every thing she owned in the world has gone up in ashes.


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