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Summer Bugs

Summer has officially kicked off, and along with it has been some terrific early summer fishing. We are seeing great hatches of PMD's, Drakes and Caddis, and there are still some big stoneflies kicking around the Big Hole. We expect to see more Goldens in the coming week as the weather stabilizes and warms up. If you prefer to throw streamers, we are still seeing some great fish chase streamers, especially when there is cloud cover.

The flows on the Big Hole have generally been dropping, with small spikes in the flow with big regional rainfalls. The water clarity is terrific. We are hoping the weather pattern of afternoon rainstorms will continue, and stabilize the dropping flows.

Continuing Reminders: - Divide FAS remains closed, fingers crossed for some asphalt going down this week. (Floaters can still use the campground boat ramp). - Check out new Big Hole & Beaverhead Fishing regulations before you fish! - Save Wild Trout coalition; please read about this effort to find science based solutions to address declining trout populations across SW Montana.


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