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Streamers Rule

Big Hole River 3150 cfs, temp. 52, visibility 3+ feet.

There were a few caddis around this afternoon and we tried those patterns for quite awhile with no results. I finally told Art to put on a chernoble ant just for the hell of it and he got two small ones on it. After that I told him to quit playing games and go with a streamer so we could get some real fish. It was overcast and there just was not much going on on top. As soon as he tied on the streamer we started to pick up some quality fish and they hit it quite consistently. There was a fairly strong east wind coming right at us and it caused him to hook himself in the head twice. When you bonk a #4 weighted streamer off your noggin a couple times it makes you pay attention,. This was corrected when I told him to perhaps do a low side arm cast.

We saw a Western Tanninger for the first time this season and you know what that means.


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