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Streamers, Nymphs, Dry’s

Big Hole River 2210 cfs, temp. 52, visibility 3 feet

First fish of the day was a fat 18 inch brown on a stone fly nymph which was proudly held up for a picture by Kendall who is the nine year old daughter of my client. Her dad caught the fish but when I asked if she wanted to hold it up for a picture, she didn’t hesitate. As the day progressed and the clouds came over we went to a bunny leech pattern and had good results with it. Toward the end of the day I tied on a skwala pattern along with a purple pmx and we had action on both but mostly on the skwala.

Delta Airlines announced the other day they will be adding two more daily flights into Butte. For those of you who have been having trouble getting flights previously, you might want to try again.

Forecast for the next few days is overcast, cooler and chance of rain. Perfect conditions for streamers and very good chance we will be seeing some bwo’s.


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