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Streamer Junkies

Big Hole River 603 cfs—Maidenrock

Attention all fellow streamer junkies. Weather conditions for the next couple days are forecast to be deplorable. Cool, heavy clouds, rain showers etc. Most people would think these are terrible conditions but to a streamer junkie this is perfect. The worse the weather the better the streamer fishing. Time to put aside the noodle rod, grab the six weight stick, put on a seven and a half foot 2X leader and go have some real fun.

If you happen to be on the Big Hole or Beaverhead this will work. Put away the size 20 trico’s and put on a number four black, olive or tan rabbit and get ready for some action. I like most guides love to chuck streamers because of the action. When your stripping a streamer and a big fish boils on the fly but does not hook up, that’s okay, it’s cool, you got his attention and got him to chase it which is almost as good as a hookup.

I like to teach beginners to streamer fish because once they learn to throw them they can handle any thing. After you get whacked in the back of the head with a big streamer a couple times you kinda self educate. You learn to load the line and wait on it or your gonna get whacked again.


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