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Stonefly Nymphs

Big Hole River 2360 cfs, temp. 56, visibility 3+ feet

I’m gettinng more and more reports from anglers who are having success with stone fly nymphs. The old basic girdle bug and yuk bug are good patterns. Tiie these on with a pheasant tail, copper john or if your after the lowly white fish, tie on a prince nymph.

I went out yesterday evening to see if I could get some top water action and there was absolutley nothing happening on top, at least in the area I was at. I’ll have to try it again this evening.

I haven’t done much fishing in the last two days. Trying to catch up on things such as lawn mowing, getting in a truck load of dog food and things like that. Starting tomorrow I’ll be guiding on the river every day for quite awhile.

Yesterday Art went to see his doc and she released him to go back to school or to work. No more him sitting just in the front seat of the boat. The month of June is pretty well booked up for me but he will be available to start guiding some trips. With the fact that I will be on the river every day I will be able to give more accurate reports.

My client just invited us for steak dinner at the Hitchin Post, so do I go fishing this evening or go have a steak? I guess there won’t be a report from this evening’s fishing.


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