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Stolen Boat

Big Hole River 3300 cfs Beaverhead 809 cfs

While floating the Maidenrock Canyon last week Steve Thumlert had a bit of a mishap. They were eating lunch on the shore and he inadvertantly had only a short rope out on his anchor. A sudden gust of wind came up and blew it off the anchor into the river. This is something many of us have done in the past including me. With the fairly high water the boat went down a ways and lodged into some willows and a tree. Problem was that it filled with water and with that flow there was no way they could get it out then. He decided to wait a couple days as the river was dropping and had planned on getting it out yesterday. When they got there with extra ropes and gear to get it out it was gone. Someone had gone there late Saturday and cut the willows and ropes he had secured it with and took the boat. Contrary to some opinions a boat on the river which has been swamped or whatever is not open to salvage rights like on the ocean. That boat belongs to the owner and unless he advertises a reward for getting it out, leave it alone.

The boat is a 15 foot Clacka Craft, white with a sage trim line toward the top. Toward the stern on only one side it has the words Fear No Rock. Serial number is XEP00431C404.

Steve is a local fisherman from Alder over in the Ruby Valley. He comes here to the Big Hole often and loves to float and fish it. He just recently purchased that boat and was quite proud of it. If anyone knows who took his boat thinking it was open to salvage rights, please do the right thing and give him his boat back. Steve Thumlert 406-842-7960 Or you can drop it off by my shop, no questions asked.

Police reports have been filed with Beaverhead and Silver Bow County’s.

Steve has offered a reward for it’s return and every local guide has his eye open for it. If you have a boat that is close to that description and an outfitter or guide asks to see the serial number, please don’t be offended. We just want to get Steve’s boat back.


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