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Stitched Paw

Big Hole River 559 cfs Beaverhead River 209 cfs

Last few days have been cold, snowy and generally just not very nice. There have been folks fishing the river and doing very well, mostly on nymphs. As for me I think I’ll wait until it gets a few degrees warmer. I still haven’t gotten over the sensation of digging my toes in the warm sand. On the positive side all this new snow is welcome and I understand it’s been snowing alot in the high country. Amos loves this kind of weather. I got a pic of him laying in the snow that I’ll get to Patricia to put on.

I will have the shop open in about a week but we are running shuttles now. The guys we shuttled this morning had to wait an hour or so before the slush ice went away but they didn’t mind and were gung ho to get on the river.

I just got an e-mail from Erik who is on Andros Island now. First day they got to the west side and set up camp. That evening Hermon was preparing dinner when he cut his hand real bad on a can or something. Luckily one of Erik’s friends is a vetrinarian and had brought a small first aid kit along. He gave him a shot of something (probably to keep him from barking too much) and stitched up his paw (hand) right there on the beach. Pretty handy to have that guy around. I think I’ll take a crash course in sewing in the event something like that happens next year.


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