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Still Waiting

Big Hole 2210 cfs, temp. 49, visibility 3 feet

I didn’t fish today as it was my turn to watch the shop and tie fly’s so Art could go fishing. He, Bob and Holly went from East Bank to Jerry Creek and I’m still waiting to get a report from them. I can only assume their out celebrating as the conditions today were excellent with all the cloud cover and such. Art is still under doc’s orders where he can only sit in the front of the boat and you can’t believe how many people are falling for it and offering to take him floating the river.

I had a fellow ask me today if the Mothers Day caddis hatch would be on time?? It’s really hard to predict when they will show up. It all depends on the weather and water temp. which will kick in their biological clock. In some years I have seen them come out as early as the first week of May and other years the last week of May. As for next week with the cool, cloudy conditions forecast, your best bet for dry fly action would be bwo’s and skwala patterns.


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