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Still on Caddis

Big Hole River 4220 cfs, temp. 53, visibility 3 feet

I didn’t fish today but I ran into Eric and the crew from Bozeman when they were pulling out and their report actually surprised me. With this cool, wet, windy weather I didn’t hold out much hope for any caddis action but they said they did really well with them. There weren’t any hatching but there were enough dead ones on the water to keep the trout interested. The biggest one they caught on a caddis was 19 inches and the biggest of the day was 20 inches on a streamer. Eric was standing there in shorts in the wind and rain and I think he was getting tired of me asking questions as his legs were turning blue. I was sitting in the Jeep nice and dry with the heater on.

One of my readers sent a comment asking about fishing conditions on the Smith River as he has a permit for next week. If anyone has been on it recently and could give him a report he would appreciate it very much. Refer to the comment on yesterdays entry titled “Willows”

Herman from Andros Island called me today on his cell phone as he was guiding some folks I had sent to him. They were all excited as just moments before he called they had just landed a nice tarpon. He said the weather was not good but they were still getting into fish. I told him the weather here was not too good either and the forecast is for snow tonight–there was silence and then a big splash, I think he fell off the tower on his boat. I asked why he had not called or sent a e-mail on his new computer with a fishing report. He said he dropped his cell phone in the ocean and the technicians have not figured out how to set up his computer yet. Like I said, things take time in the Bahamas.


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