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Still Jammed

That ice jam just above Dickie Bridge is still there. I went up there yesterday to take some pictures as it is amazing what Mother Nature can do. If this jam holds for much longer the river might just decide to cut a new channel to the north. Then Jeff and the boys would own an island. I really don’t think that will happen as the water temp is rising and slowly it will cut a path through it. While I was up there this guy came up to me and said “maybe a couple sticks of dynamite would take care of it”. I looked at him as if he had two heads. This jam is almost a half mile long and eight to ten feet high. It would take several F18’s with laser guided bombs to loosen this baby. Mother Nature will take care of it when she is ready.

In the next few days I will be getting some direct fishing reports from Andros Island which I will pass along. My friend Tony and his son left this morning for a two week stay there and I gave him maps to some of the hot spots I found while I was there. He called this morning just before he left and said he really wished I was going with them. I then reminded him that I had hinted about a loan so I could. Then he said he totally forgot that he had lots of air miles to cover my trip but now it was too late, (my good friend Tony). Actually I needed to stay here and repaint the shop and if you believe that???? I’am looking forward to getting his reports if he can figure out Hank’s computer. He and his son are going out several days on their own and then going with Herman for a few days and then I know they will be into bonefish.


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