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Still High

Big Hole River 4740 cfs–Maidenrock

I haven’t seen this much water in the river in late June since the mid 80’s. With this flow the fishing should be excellent for the remaining summer. Did I say summer? It got down to 26 at La Marche Creek night before last and the ground was white with fresh snow. Forecast is for much warmer temps. the next few days.

The big bugs are pretty much gone but fish ard still hitting salmon fly patterns here and there. Bright sun and cool temps yesterday morning made for some tough fishing. Late in the day there were lots of mayflies and yellow sally’s. Fish were not looking up much but should be much better today.

A couple guys left there rods propped up against the power box at Silver Bridge access. If anyone happened to find them, please bring them to the shop. It would be the right thing to do and maybe someday someone will return your rod.


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