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Still Fishing

Big Hole 287 cfs.

The weather and the fishing this past week has been excellent. Just ask Art because the ball is now in his court. I got a call last week from that contractor who I have worked for in the off season for many years and he said he was swamped with work and could use some help. I hesitated a bit because I was planning on some leisure trips to the Missouri and other places unknown with that van that has a mind of it’s own. Then the thought of getting back on a piece of heavy equipment brought back old memories. It’s actually kind of fun running a big dozer and building things or demolishing them as the case may be. They put me on a brand new D8 Cat and wouldn’t you know it but the damn thing has a computer screen in the cab. When you want it do certain functions you have to program it into the computer. In all my years as a dirt stiff I have never seen such a thing. I looked at the boss as he was showing me this stuff and he must have detected the puzzled look on my face. He just said, “I don’t have a clue how to run it but you will figure it out and the Cat. rep will be here in a couple days “. I consider myself a fairly good dozer operator but I never in all my dreams imagined I would have to take a computer class to operate one. I started to play around with some of the functions this afternoon and the damn thing locked up on me. It took awhile to get it going again. I thought I was going to have to call Computer Geeks to solve the problem — can you just imagine?

Back to fishing. Art was guiding on the river today and did well with small dry’s and really well with streamers late in the day.

Forecast is for more of the same with a bit cooler and cloudy on Saturday.


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