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BigHole River 455 cfs—-Maidenrock

The brown trout are in full spawn now and they are zipping through the sluice channel here by the dam like crazy. FWP didn’t think they could make it up that channnel with a smooth concrete bottom but they are having no problem going through it. After having to try to jump a 4 to 5 foot vertical wall for the last hundred years they probably are thinking this is a piece of cake. And they are going up that sluice channnel as I have been sitting on the wall frequently watching. Also the workers there have been telling me they are seeing them going up.

Obviously egg patterns are working now as the white fish are also in full spawn. If you find a redd the right thing to do is leave them alone. How you like to be having sex while someone is trying to put a hook in your butt. Actually yesterday I had better luck with prince and pheasant tail nymphs. Also took some nice fish on a hopper pattern in the afternoon.

Mr. Blossom with the FWP was nice enough to call yesterday and give an update on the construction at fishing access sites. Glen access will be closed as of Monday, Oct. 18th for at least 2 weeks. Silver Bridge will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday but will be closed for the rest of the week until Oct. 28th.

Work is progressing here on the new diversion dam and now one can see what the think will actually look like when finished. If you want a tour of the area you need to get in touch with Ron with HKM and he will be happy to show you the works. This is a restricted and hard hat area for now so you need to be escorted.

Hey Korea Marc, we’re still waiting for that fishing report from there.


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