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So So Day

Big Hole River 239-Melorse, 317-Maidenrock

Yesterday was just a fair day fishing. My fisherman Brian and Pat were terrific guys and were well satisfied with what they caught. To me it was one of the slower days out of the last couple weeks. The trico hatch was weak and the bigger fish never got on them like they did a couple days ago. Also I couldn’t get the fish to hit the bigger patterns and beetles like they have been doing. The purple haze and para adams did produce some nice fish.

The weather pattern is in for a big change as of Tuesday with high’s only in the 60’s. That’s the type of weather that brings out the big fish.

I almost forgot but early yesterday evening the river near my house was alive with feeding fish. I saw all these bugs flying around and hitting the water. At first I couldn’t figure out what they were and they were flying really fast. They were flying ants and lots of them. It only lasted about 15 to 20 minutes but while it was going on the fish were going crazy.


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