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Snowing Tricos

Big Hole 304 cfs Beaverhead 530 cfs

The tricos were so thick this morning it literally looked like a snow storm. Parts of the river were covered with spent spinners. A #18 trico dun and #18 conventional adams worked best for us. Mariah had a near 20 incher on and it was just inches from the net when it broke off. Her 10 year old sister kept busy bailing off the front of the boat. Every time I would drop the anchor there would be two splashes, one from the anchor and the other from her off the boat. She hooked up on a few fish and that was enough for her. A small hopper brought up some nice fish later in the day.

Roger said a fellow came in the shop today all excited and said he caught 15 fish over 20 inches?????? I wonder if he was using the same ruler I used to use?


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