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Snow to Sand

The past couple weeks have seemed to drag by extremely slow. Perhaps it’s my anticipation of heading back to Andros Island. You would think after going there for nine years it would be old hat. It isn’t and I enjoy it more every time I go there. Winter in Montana is fun at times with the skiing, snowmobling etc. which I used to enjoy a great deal. Since my trips to Andros and the stay is getting longer each year I have lost considerable interest in playing in the snow. I was raised in this north country and as a teen have many memories of all the chores one does on a ranch in sub zero temps—–and would not wish them on anyone. Reality TV should get real and film some of real life happenings on the average working ranch in the Big Hole Valley in mid winter and see how many contestants they would have then.

So I go on ranting a bit but my dues have been paid.

I leave tomorrow for Andros and should be doing fishing reports from there by mid week.

As for the Big Hole River the flow is great going into winter and the snowpack is better in the high country than it has been in years. The biggest news is about that 16 pound, 34 inch brown trout that the Fish and Game shocked while doing their survey on the Big Hole River. I have seen the pics they took of the fish and it’s big beautiful female brown trout. The location is a nationally guarded secret of which I have no idea.


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