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Snow Pack

When I got back from Andros in mid January I was a bit worried as the snow level in the high country surrounding the Big H0le Valley was a bit dismal. How ever since then conditions have improved dramatically. I was just looking at some of the Snotel sites near the headwaters and the combined precip. snow data shows some sites which are actually above average. I really didn’t have to look up those sites to know that as the snowmobilers who are going in those areas are reporting great riding with deep snow and lots of getting stuck.

The past couple days the weather has started to warm up a bit. This has got me thinking about pulling my boat out of the garage and test the water sort of speak. I have not personally fished the river this year yet because the last few weeks have been too damn cold. Some friends of mine from over in Whitehall called this morning and wanted to line up a shuttle for tomorrow. This got me thinking more about it and the river here by the house looks great. There is still lots of shelf ice and some of the access points may prove to be a bit difficult for pulling a boat out.

Big Hole River 345 cfs


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