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Snow Pack

Yesterday evening I talked to some of my friends who have been snowmobiling the high country recently. They said the snow depth was encredible and even more than last year which was pretty good. Presently it is raining here in the valley and I’m sure snowing up higher. The river is low and clear with some shelf ice remaining. I still haven’t ventured out on it and come to think of it, I don’t even have a fishing license yet. Dan and Nancy Delekta and Roger called from their lodge on the Madison and said the fishing there was great. Course I don’t ever remember them having a bad day. (I’m gonna get some grief on that one). Also had a call from a friend over on the Bitteroot that said the skwalas were just starting. The skwala action here on the Big Hole next month can be outstanding.

The shop won’t be open for probably another couple weeks but if anybody needs a shuttle or any gear, just call the shop number 406-267-3346 and we will take care of you.


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