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Snorklin The Big Hole?

Yesterday Art said he needed a brown trout fix and wanted to go around Maidenrock Bridge and try his luck. I told him to have at as I just can’t get inspired yet to climb off the shelf ice and fish in 33 degree water after just coming back from the island. He headed out there and I said I would drive down later and just watch. About an hour later I headed there and met him on the road coming back. He was in his tshirt and appeared very discombaubled. He said he was wading in knee deep water when he tripped on a big slippery rock. The water on the other side of the rock was about 3 feet deep and he was face planted right in it with his feet flopping over the rock. It took three attempts to get upright and on the previous two he would wind face down back in the water. His cap floated away but he managed to save his glasses. I asked if he saw many fish on this snorklin adventure and I really can’t print his answer. He did catch a couple nice fish before this mishap so all was not lost. This however confirmed my decision to stay on the nice dry bank. Years ago I would have had the boat in the water and floated until I got to a spot where it was froze over and drug it over the ice til I found open water again. I would take my wife along on these outings and now I kinda understand why she left me.


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