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Small World

Big Hole River 2130 cfs

My newly polished crystal ball is working pretty well as it predicted the river would keep dropping and it has. The visibility is also back to about two feet and getting better. The outlook for the rest of the week is looking very good. It’s been cold the last two days with a very cold north wind blowing. It didn’t hurt my feelings at all to stay in the shop while we burned the last bit of firewood in the wood stove.

Tony on Andros Island reported that he met up with Don and Cathy from Michigan and after talking with them awhile found out that we guided them here on the Big Hole last summer—-thus the small world. He invited them along to go up the creek today to look for his pet permit. He found them and they had several great shots at them but couldn’t get them to eat. They saw two fish coming at them and at first figured them for small sharks but as they got closer they realized they were huge bonefish. Don took the shot and one of them immediately ate it deep and the fight was on. He had 200+ yards of backing and was close to getting spooled so they started chasing it with the boat. This went on for about twenty minutes and all of a sudden the line went limp. Sixteen pound tippet and it was cut clean, no knot curls, no frayed tippet, just cut clean. It was so far out they couldn’t see what happened but my guess what be shark or very large cuda as they had seen several of them in the area. I’m sure Don and Cathy will be back to the Big Hole this summer and I can hear the story in more detail.


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