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Slow Start, Fash Finish

Big Hole River 990 cfs Jefferson River 1060 cfs

As I thought the river came up about 150 cfs last night and today. I noticed it also took on a little color which isn’t a bad thing but the top water action this morning was pretty slow. There was nothing hatching as there usually is in mid morning. Attractors and yellow sally’s worked a bit. Late this afternoon and this evening the action on top picked up considerably. As a matter of fact it got really good. We caught more fish in one hour than we did all day on top.

I expect the river to be quite busy on this long holiday weekend. To avoid the crowds start early or go late. If you get on the Jefferson River early in the morning you can expect to have some good streamer action.

The forecast is for partly cloudy (which could mean anything) and warm.


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