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Slow Start

Big Hole River 1560 cfs

Yesterday morning things started out real slow, actually things were nonexistent. It was bright, cold and not a thing was happening. Late in the morning a few clouds rolled in and the action started to pick up and it got better and better as the day wore on. There was a little action on nymphs but the majority of it was with streamers. We didn’t get really big fish but lots of browns in the 14 to 18 inch range. Dave G is an excellent caster and he was getting the fly right on edge of the bank and in pockets. Most of the fish were tight on the banks and if the fly was 2 or 3 feet off the bank there was nothing.

For now the river is in great condition and will probably remain that way for awhile.

The guys from Whitehall went down river and reported they did good with that new pattern called: Bacon n Eggs.


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