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Slow Morning

Big Hole River 2700 cfs, temp. 58

This morning the fishing was terrible expect for the guy in the back of the boat. He was a spin fisherman and he was having a grand ole time. This afternoon things turned around especially after that rain storm blew through. From that point on the fishing got really good. The guy spin fishing didn’t get much action then but his buddy fly fishing in front of the boat was on fire. Streamers didn’t work very well today and there was basically no top water action. Stone fly nymphs got all the attention today.

I have to apologize for any one trying to leave a message on my answering machine. It sort of died the other day. I had listened to all the messages but the damn thing kept beeping. I hit every button on it and it still kept beeping so I punched it–hard–twice. Now it just makes this faint little squealing noise. I’ll have to talk one of my shuttlers into going to town to get another one.

We just received our last shipment of Salmon Fly’s at the shop and just in time because that’s going to start happening soon. They include the fluttering stone and F150’s which were the best patterns last year.


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