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Slow, Hot, Cold

Big Hole River 1910 cfs, temp 50.7

Yesterday it started slow as it has the past few days and then the baetis showed up along with quite a few caddis. The dry fly fishing was great for awhile. Then along came a strong east wind and that made things a bit more difficult.

Scott and Erica were on their first Big Hole River float trip. They were both novice fly casters and at the beginning of the trip their casting was some what less than desirable. Perhaps 20 feet max and then it was in a pile. After some coaching and getting rid of some bad habits, and quoting a Bahamian guide I know who always says ” promise me you won’t do dat no mo” by mid day they were really getting the hang of it. By mid afternoon they looked like Lefty and Joan. Late afternoon with a strong head wind when many experienced casters would have just quit, they were still punching it in.


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