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Slow Cold Day

Big Hole River 3310 cfs

I see by the USGS graph that the river is leveling off at the Melrose station but is still rising at the Mudd Creek station which is actually Squaw Ck bridge 15 miles down stream from Wisdom. I had some last minute customers call and ask to take them floating today. I knew it would be marginal and I told them so but they wanted to try it any way. We caught fish on streamers and big stone fly nymphs but nothing was real consistent. They each got a brown trout over 18 inches which made the day. It was cold last night and never got very warm today which is a good thing as its keeping the higher snow where it is for now. The forecast is for a gradual warming trend and this may bring the river up some more. Visibility is still good at about 2 feet. I have had several phone calls asking what the river will be like this weekend. My crystal ball says it will be a bit on the off side but still very fishable and these are the type of conditions where you can possibly catch Louie The Lunker or his cousin, Big Walter.

The river is bank full and this is not the time for a beginner oarsman to learn how to row a boat down the river unless you go on the upper river. With the river at this level it’s a great and scenic float from Squaw Ck. bridge to Fish Trap. It’s hard to get in trouble in this stretch as the river gently meanders through alpine meadows. Watch out for strands of barb wire going across the river and if you encounter one that is not flagged, grab your handy dandy leatherman tool and cut the damn thing.


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