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Slo Mo

Big Hole River 154 cfs Beaverhead River 281 cfs Missouri River 3730 cfs

The past few days on the Mo. was relatively slow fishing as far as numbers were concerned. Monday and Tuesday were bright blue bird days with no wind which is a rarity up there. Mid mornings there was some trico action so we tried a #16 purple haze with a trico emerger and they wouldn’t touch the emerger. All the fish we got on top water was on the haze. We tried several hopper patterns all three days and didn’t get a look. Today the wind was blowing at mach 2 and we saw several hoppers get blown into the river and still no takers. What we lacked in numbers we made up for in size as the yuk bug produced some really big fish. There were a lot of dead spots but with staying with the yuk and twitching it got results. Roger hooked a huge rainbow and had it on several minutes when a bale size chunk of moss floated down and caught on the line and dislodged the hook. We all saw the fish which was only about 20 feet from the boat and we all saw this green glob heading for it. We knew before it came off what the results would be when that mass caught up on it. That fish was well over twenty five inches and with a massive girth. I wish I could go back up there in the next couple days when this weather system moves in and the temp drops because I want a couple of those big toads on the end of my line. We managed to get a couple big fish every day with the bright sun so imagine what you could do when conditions are right.

Forecast is for rain and or snow likely in the next few days. With luck we could get enough moisture to reopen the Big Hole soon.

I should find out tomorrow about the results of that investigation that was supposed to happen today.

Thanks much for all the comments and e-mails supporting me in this situation. I think we have finally got some major attention concerning this and we are going to keep it up.


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