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Big Hole River 585 cfs–Maidenrock

Last couple days has been great fishing with loads of sippers mid morning. Lots of tricos but the fish are very selective. Actually the afternoon has been better for us. All the trico and other hatches are over and the trout have been eating a #10 mayfly pattern that everyone can see.

Yesterday we got the Big Hole Grand Slam which is all five species and even got the Grand Slam Plus as we got the sixth specie as well which most people don’t count but he has been there forever and that’s the grand, noble whitefish.

Today we had a very rare occurence as we got two brown trout on the same time. I don’t mean we had a double going on in the boat, I mean Arnie caught two browns at the same time. We were using two dry fly’s as we do quite often. A nice 14 inch brown hit the first pattern and there was some confusing splashing going on. When he was bringing it in he said that trout is awfully heavy and look there is another one following right behind it. I looked back and immediately saw he had both fish on. We netted both and needless to say it was a cluster in the net. Very rarely does this happen and it happens with two nymphs more often than two dry’s.


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