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Shaping up

Big Hole River 2890 cfs

The river is dropping gradually and is looking better every day. A cool north wind the last couple days has put a damper on dry fly fishing. The reports I had today were streamers were working , especially yellow (goes with the cloud cover) bitch creeks and an assortment of nymphs. The guys I talked to said they didn’t see any fish rising so they never tried dry’s. Some times even though you don’t see any fish feeding it’s worth a try to throw out a big attractor, you might be surprised.

It looks like it’s going to pretty nice for the long weekend coming up. There probably will be quite a few boats on the river, expecially pleasure floaters. Some of them aren’t quite up to savvy as far as river etiquette is concerned, so if they float right through the run your trying to fish, instead of trying to pick their cap off with your fly just smile and wave at them-they’ll be gone shortly and the fish will still be there.


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