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Screwed up title

Big Hole 392 cfs

That title yesterday was supposed to be, First Ripe-First Rotten or First to rotten and they ripen or what ever. Some how I just can’t get that phrase planted in my little brain. I must have asked Wally a dozen times and five minutes later I forgot it. I know he reads this all the time so I will ask him to comment about the phrase and what it means.

It was a streamer day today as predicted but no Big Walter.

Art was the guide today while I tended the shop this morning and it was a zoo for awhile. People were coming in at the same time wanting shuttles and license and wouldn’t you know the printer on the license computer ran out of paper and for me this was a total bummer as it takes special paper and we were out, besides that I had no idea how to change it any way. So I had to write off line license which is a real pain as you have to enter all the info in the computer later and then it didn’t want to accept it. The shot gun was in the corner and I was looking at it very seriously to be finally be rid of this demon. Believe me I would have much rather been on the river taking a beating that I know how to deal with. All things were finally resolved and with the help from Roger all shuttles were done. This was kinda of a late season flurry that was caused by some one who said the fishing on the Big Hole was really good now—guilty as charged.

Forecast is for highs in the 40’s and rain mixed with snow for next week. For the brave and hardy souls who venture out—they will be rewarded. As for me, I will be sitting in the heated cab of that D8 Cat thinking about those hardy souls.


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