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Salmon Fly’s

Big Hole River 1890 cfs

It looks like the big bugs are starting to do their thing. There isn’t a lot of them yet but they are definitely coming. There was a fair amount of husks on the bridge abutment at Browns Bridge yesterday with just a few flying. I had a report from some guys who went from there to Notch Bottom and had little success on top. The hatch in that stretch of river is very spotty and has been for many years. Siltation and heavy equipment in the river has played a bit part in this. This is not my theory but a direct quote from DFWP biologist Dick Oswald.

There wasn’t much around Maidenrock area yesterday yet but I did check the abutment at Silver Bridge this morning and their are a few husks there.

The forecast is for a major cold front arriving about mid week and that will definitely slow up or stop the hatch.

Caddis and mayfly patterns are working on top now and large stone fly nypmhs under. An old pattern that not many people use or don’t know about and is very effective now is the Georgia Brown Stone.

We just got in Scott Rod Co’s new salt water fly rod, the X2s and it was shipped immediately to a customer. He wanted us to try it before shipping to get our opinion. This thing is a rocket and best thing is that it loads easy. It blows the doors off the old S3s and is cheaper. I gotta have one.

I will try to keep a daily update on the hatch but some days I’m just too tired or to be honest just too lazy.


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