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Rivers Rising

Big Hole 423 cfs Beaverhead 131 cfs Jefferson 1080 cfs

The rains we have been having in the past few days have really freshend up the river and the fish don’t mind it a bit. I wish we could have had some of this back in August but it’s making for a great flow on the river now as the Brown Trout are in the midst of their spawing. For the very few anglers that are fishing, they are being rewarded big time.

I took Amos and Allie (newfy and great pyrenees) fishing just above the house today to see if they had the qualities of old Gus who was the best fishing buddy a person could ever have. He would always stand right next to me in the river and watch my every cast as he knew sooner or later some thing was going to happen. These two guys today waded out with me for a little while and then were content to go back and lay on the bank and watch from there. With Gus when ever I caught a fish he would always get his nose right on it as if to measure it. When I caught a nice fish today those two would look at it from the bank with no particular interest other than a look like — when’s lunch? I did get four fish over 18 inches and all on a streamer. I was fishing by myself and looking for Big Walter with those streamers but couldn’t find him.

I heard that a friend of mine who lives up river and occasionally fishes with spinning gear and rapalas recently caught a brown trout that weighed 13 pounds. He apparently kept it to get it mounted. I have not seen the picture yet, if it’s a male thats ok but if it’s a female I’m going to beat him to a pulp and he knows it.


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