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Rising River

Big Hole River 1270 cfs and rising

The past few days the fishing has been very good. Some of the best action has been on top water with skwala patterns. Some of the young guys from Missoula were surprised at the average size of the fish saying they never caught a fish under 14 inches.

That good fishing is going to temporarily come to a halt. The ice on the upper river is breaking up and along with it comes the turbidity and a rising river. I took a drive this afternoon as far as La Marche Creek and there was water coming out of the meadows all over the place with the melting of the valley snow. Once that low snow has melted and the ice is gone from the upper river, the fishing will again be good until the main runoff in late May and early June.

Had a brief report from Andros Island where Jim’s sons, Ted and JP hooked up on tarpon on the west side with Bahamiam guide Tommy Kee. I ‘ll get all the details later and pass them along but it sounded like they had a great time.


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