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Rising Fast

Big Hole River 3240 cfs—Maidenrock

The weather has gone from one extreme with well below temps. last week and winter conditions to a couple days now with almost record high temps. Two days of 80+ has got it flowing with an attitude. There is still a foot and half visibility but fishing would be very tough with it rising this fast. A cold front is on the way tomorrow but I believe the river will continue to rise for the next few days. As to where the caddis flies are, I have no idea. Who know they might pop out tomorrow and if they do the back channels and soft water, where you can find it will be great.

Jim commented as to whether I was taking bets this year as to when the river will crest and at what level. I told him since I got stiffed last year I was no longer going to be a river gambler and that he should take over that position. So you may see his predictions on the comments and feel free to make a wager with him. He was going to check some scientific analysis—as for me I’m just gonna go upriver and talk to one of the few remaining old timers and get the facts.


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