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Rise From The Ashes

Big Hole 411 cfs Beaverhead 878 cfs—can’t believe that

I had a long phone conversation with Clay who is one of the owners of the Blue Moon and he is at odds at what to do. He said he can’t afford to rebuild as there was little or no insurance. I just advised him to take it one step at a time and lets get the place cleaned up and we’ll come up with some thing. Their is a lot of community support to help out. There will be another Blue Moon some day.

Back to fishing. There were a few tricos coming off this morning and a #18 conventional adams worked very well. A lot of the fish were small but the action was pretty hot for awhile. Later in the day we switched to a small hopper with a nymph dropper and by the end of the trip we had boated lots of fish. Good day on the Big Hole.


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