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Big Hole River 2360 (up a bit) temp. 58

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. When it was cloudy it was good and when it was sunny it wasn’t so good. One thing we did today was hook into a monster brown on a streamer. He rolled on the surface just enough to get a good look at him and then snapped that 2x tippet like it was spider wire. My client just stood there with mouth wide open in disbelief. He didn’t do any thing wrong, that fish didn’t give us a chance. It was over before it started. He rolled, blew up stream, gave us the middle fin and was gone. Bob said just knowing there are monsters like that in this river is good enough for me and I’ll be back again and again. It was pretty much the talk for the rest of the day.

No Salmon Fly’s yet and I will keep you posted when they show up. Up by Jerry Creek one guy spotted one and I saw the same thing and it pretty much looked like a butter fly to me. I have had reports from some guys picking up fish on large attractor patterns.


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