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R & D Trip

Big Hole River 5210 cfs, temp. 54, visibility 2 + feet

Art and I decided to close the shop a little early and do a quick float trip to check things out. Art did all the fishing as he is supposedly still under doctors orders to only sit in the front seat of the boat. I think I’m gonna get a second opinion on that one of these days. We didn’t touch a fish for quite a ways and we were blaming it on the bright sun and wind and things like that. Just before the sun went down he nailed four big ones in a short period of time. We stayed with streamers most of the time. At one spot we pulled over and I got to fish for a couple minutes so I tried a couple nymphs and caught a small rainbow and a decent size brown. I noticed a couple small fish feeding on top so I tried a couple caddis patterns and the little suckers wouldn’t touch it. As we were driving down through the canyon we went through a few clouds of caddis. The forecast is for cooler temps and overcast so it will be hit and miss on the caddis. The good news is that the Big Hole is fishing again.

I would caution you again if you plan on floating the river soon. There is still a lot of water and this is not a good time for a novice to be on the oars.

For more detailed info as to patterns, stretch of river and such, e-mail, call or stop by the shop. One of the patterns we had success with was the old reliable pumpkin bugger.


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