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Big Hole 212 cfs Beaverhead 258 cfs

During mid morning if you look in the right places you are going to see some fish sipping in soft shallow water. At first you might think that those are small fish because a big fish wouldn’t be there. Take your time and just watch and when you see that big bulge in the water or a large wake when he moves a few feet, you will know better. Then it’s all about presentation because you are only going to get one shot and it has to be perfect. The last two mornings we encountered such fish and no hook ups. This is due to the fact these were novice fly casters, but they were trying there best. These fish are tough even for the experts.

Tricos are still out in force in the morning and if you get a good drag free drift with a fly that’s even close, you will get fish. My clients are probably sick of hearing me repeat over and over, “mend it, mend it, it’s dragging”. The past few days most of my fisherman have been novices and we have had a lot of fun. It’s a great feeling to watch them hook up on their first fish on a fly rod.


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