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Practise What You Preach

Big Hole River 990 cfs Jefferson River 1150 cfs

With the bright sun and wind fishing was not near as good as the last couple days but it was still ok. It took a mixed bag of dry fly’s and nymphs and there were a couple dead spots where nothing worked, at least the stuff we tried. I will have to admit the biggest fish of the day was by accident. We were approaching a very shallow slow riffle with just enough water to float the raft over and I told Dave to hold up until we got into a little deeper water. He threw the fly just a few feet in front of the boat while he was reeling up slack line and a 19 inch brown trout nailed it. I had just told him earlier that the brown’s were moving into some of the shallow riffles but I didn’t dream he would be in that shallow.

I just received a report from some folks that I had arranged to fish with Herman on Andros Island. They said they had a great time topped off with hooking a couple tarpon. They also said Herman was every bit the guide and gentleman that I said he was. His knowledge of the tides, locating fish and giving instructions to novice salt water anglers was excellent. Bruce said he caught a huge barracuda that made several jumps about 150 yards out and when they boated him he regurgitated an 18 inch bonefish. I have found that hooking into those big cudas is just as much fun as the bonefish and even more. When you first hookup with them the take is so violent that if your line is not clear and every thing is just right, he’s gonna bust some thing.


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