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PMD’s & Spruce Moths

Big Hole River 461 cfs Beaverhead River 830 cfs

We floated the Beaverhead today and there was just enough action on top with pmd’s that we stayed on top. We could probably have caught more fish going down with nymphs in the typical Beaverhead fashion but we were too stubborn for that. At 830 cfs it is just about bank full and at one point I couldn’t resist trying a streamer with all that water. I didn’t get any hookups but I had three big ones boil on it and that was good enough for me. There isn’t much head room left going under the frontage road bridge just above Grasshopper Creek. As we went under it with the chairs folded down and laying in the boat, I estimated we had lots of room left—at least six inches.

Morning fishing on the Big Hole is still very good and it will get better as the spruce moths are starting to show up. A #12 or #14 light tan elk hair caddis will usually get the job done for those.

I invited Noorjahan Parwana who is the director of the Big Hole Watershed Committee to write a piece on this weblog as to what their all about. She is a very busy person but let’s see if she can take a little time and enlighten us.


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