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Big Hole River 389 cfs

Today was kind of a mixed bag between pleasure floating and fishing. These two ladies at first just wanted a pleasure float and just take in the scenery and swim along side the boat, sip a little wine from time to time and life would be easy. At the last moment they asked if I could bring along a couple fly rods as they would also like to learn how to fly fish. My thought was there goes my nice easy day and are you sure you want to try fly fishing. They were quite adamant about it so what choice did I have.

We floated from Glen to Notch Bottom as the water is warmer down there for swimming and I wanted to check out the hopper action there any way.

I rigged up a fly rod and gave them a crash course on fly casting. I only let one of them fish in front of the boat as I explained that I had not brought along my Darth Vader helmet. They completely understood while mixing a little Captain Morgan and coke just to get rid of the jitters.

All in all iit was a great relaxing day with both gals getting a fish on a fly rod and I came out of it completely unscathed.

I do believe that lower stretch of river has suffered a lot from the past couple years of drought and dewatering. It’s kinda sad as that used to be my favorite stretch of river. There are those who may differ with me and I would like to hear from them.


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