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Pipe Organ to Grasshopper

Yesterday was another beautiful spring day in southwest Montana! The boys and I decided to saddle up and take a little drive down to the beaverhead concidering the Big Hole continues to rise. (Its a little over 2200 cfs today) The Beav was running right around 220 cfs and clear above grasshopper creek. We started the day wade fishing downstream from pipe organ. Nymphs were very effective, however, the average size trout was somewhere in the 10-12 inch range, not quite what we were hoping for needless to say!! Last year right around this time of the spring I was on the beav and the streamer fishing was slammin!! Fish were in the 14-16 inch range, with a few slobs closer to 20. Well lets just hope all the bruts are smart enough to take up winter residency above pipe organ bridge, which is closed to fishing pressure until the third weekend in may. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather, its looking like ill be making a trip to the upper bitteroot tomorrow. As soon as the Big Hole gets between a foot and a half and two feet of visibility… GAME ON!


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