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Perfect Conditions

Well, everything came together quit nicely for us out on the water yesterday! I have five buddies that came over to fish the big hole tomorrow, and they were not dissapointed. The weather and water conditions could not have been more ideal. Cloud cover all day, zero wind, and amazing water clarity. Actually, the water is alsmost too clear right now! Yesterday the river was right around 970 cfs. We decided to float maiden rock to salmonfly. Right off the bat we were into fish on streamers. we stuck to our guns with the streamer fishing all day and it produced. There were a ton of midges coming off, and the fish were sippin them consistently! Today we are going to fish salmonfly to brownes bridge, should be another great day on this great river. The water is doing nothing but good things, it dropped to 852 cfs at melrose…party time!


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