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Outside report

Big Hole 372cfs Beaverhead 106cfs Jefferson 718cfs

This report was sent to me recently with a request to publish it so here goes>

We spent the first three weeks of July 2004 fishing on the Big Hole River. This was our fourth summer and what a memorable summer it was. It was the wettest and coolest summer we have experienced and the most beautiful. At the begining the river was high (rising) to arounde 1500cfs. I think the rising water made the fishing challenging. We caught good size fish but had to work hard for them. As the water came down the fishing heated up. I experienced numerous days where I almost caught the grand slam (grayling, cutthroat, brookie, brown, rainbow) I have never seen the fish so healthy, must be because of all the good water. Saw lots of wild life along the river (bald and golden eagles, deer, beavers, otters, badgers etc…) Also lots of wild flowers. Caught a couple of browns and rainbows around 20 inches and a few bigger ones got away. My wife caught her first Big Brown around 19 inches and what a thrill it was. Dry Dropper worked well. The Big Hole Valley is a very unique place that has not been commercialized and hopefully never will be. The people there are the salt of the earth. Al and Art are a wonderful team, great guides, and are very helpful.

Bob Asmuth Longmont Colorado


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