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Opening Soon

Big Hole River 282 cfs Beaverhead River 119 cfs

The Big Hole River hit 200 cfs on Friday, Sept. 21st. If they stick to the 7 day over 200 cfs deal it should open this Friday the 28th or the 29th at the latest. It will definitely stay over the 200 mark as we have been getting lots of rain and wet snow for the last 24 hours. There is also less demand for irrigation water. When it does open the fishing should be excellent. If it’s a cloudy day it’s time to haul out the streamers you stashed away last June. If it’s sunny the top water action should be good with may fly’s, caddis and small hoppers.

Roger and his buddy John have been on a fishing rampage. It started on the Wise River and then on to the Beaverhead for a couple days. After that is was camping on the Madison for 3 days and their now camping on the Missouri. I let Roger use THE VAN and I’m not sure if that was wise as I might never see either again. Actually Roger called yesterday to give a report and said except for some pretty intense wind on the Mo. yesterday fishing at all locations has been great. Why wouldn’t it be as this is just about the best time of the year. It’s cooler, there is little fishing pressure and the fish are hungry. This is also the most scenic time of the year along the river corridor as the leaves are just starting to turn yellow and gold. I made a commitment to work on that reclamation project 4 days a week but Roger will be back next week and the shop will be open when the river does.

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