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Only In Montana

Big Hole River 523 cfs Jefferson River 920 cfs Missouri (below Holter Dam) 5020 cfs

Late yesteday afternoon I heard this rumbling outside and I thought now that can’t be thunder as it was starting to snow. Then the rumbling got louder and sure enough it was lightning and thunder and it started snowing more, heavy wet snow which lasted for a couple hours. This morning there was about six inches of new wet snow in my yard and the dogs loved it.

Fishing on the Big Hole is good with streamers and nymphs. It has come up a bit but is still running clear. The extended forecast is for cloudy days with highs in the fifty’s which should make for good fishin.

We opened the shop yesterday and had people coming in instantly wanting license, fly’s and info. A couple days ago I received two large shipments of fly’s I had ordered last winter. I went a bit overboard on the orders but there were some new patterns that I couldn’t resist and I can’t wait to try them out. I also ordered a large selection of four piece Scott Rods. Last year I had several people wanting four piece rods in the intermediate price range and I didn’t have them in stock, this year I have them.

A good friend of mine is leaving in two weeks for Andros Island and has been bugging me to go back there with him. It’s very tempting but I better tend to business here. Just for the heck of it though I’ll check with Orbitz to see what the airfares would be.


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