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One Of Those Days

Big Hole River 1750 cfs

This is one of those days that a person would like to forget. First thing this morning I noticed my boat trailer had a broken spring shackle. So I called my friend Jack who is a local rancher because I know he has a welder. He said no problem and to bring it down around noon. I took it there and he was no where to be found. Went back to the shop and hooked up the other trailer as we wanted to go fishing. Started heading up the road with the boat in tow and the Jeep quit (which by the way I just had tuned up yesterday). Walked back to the shop and got the van which is in excellent shape. Wouldn’t you know it about two miles up the road it quit too. Walked back to the shop, got Art’s Jeep, towed the van back and hooked the boat to it. About this time Art asked if I just wanted to bag the idea of going fishing today. My neck was bowed by this time and I said we are going even if I have to hook my dogs to this thing. We finally got the boat in the river and managed to do a couple hours fishing. The wind started to blow with a vengence just as we put in but we still caught about ten. Got home and there was a message on my answering machine from my bank that said I had just lost a couple thousand dollars. I have a guided trip tomorrow and I have a feeling that things are going to turn around and my client will catch the biggest fish of his life.


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